Our Solutions

Severe weather impacts all aspects of commercial aviation. Accurate weather information, real-time in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning data and severe weather alerts provide critical observational insight and global situational awareness into changing weather conditions for improved safety and operations. Our solutions help prevent and manage:

  • Turbulence-induced crew and passenger injuries
  • Damage to aircraft from hail and lightning strikes
  • Weather-associated flight diversions
  • Loss of aircraft
  • Ground operation incidents



Weather and Lightning data for Airport Ground Operations
  • Weather information and lightning proximity alerts supporting the safety of baggage handlers, technicians and mechanics
  • Weather and lightning intelligence to optimize ground operations
  • Alerting to severe weather at Departure/Arrival
Weather and Lightning Data for Air Carrier Operations
  • Weather and lightning visualization for in-flight routing, situation awareness, and ground operations support
  • Current weather and lightning information for aircraft approach, landing and take-off
  • Lightning detection within the airport's vicinity
  • Warnings of approaching severe storms
  • Minimized false alarms and improved on-time performance
Weather and Lightning Data for Air Traffic Controllers; Tower Operators
  • Improved, real-time weather observations and forecasts for improved decision making        
  • Current weather and lightning information for aircraft approach, landing and take-off
  • 24/7 real-time weather and lightning intelligence for enhanced identification of precipitation, icing, hail and areas of turbulence
  • Prompt alerts during severe weather events
Weather and Lightning Data for In-flight/Cockpit/Air navigation systems
  • Improved routing and global situation awareness
  • Crew and passenger safety 
  • Asset protection against turbulence and lightning strikes