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We provide advanced, real-time weather intelligence so utility companies can efficiently mobilize resources to reduce restoration time, while communicating more accurately with affected customers. Find out why major utilities turn to Earth Networks. Read our Overview: Utility Solutions from Earth Networks

WATCH: Presentation by Jorge Calzada, at Weathering the Storm: Moving Forward on Regional Resiliency, held March 7-8, 2014, in Boston by The Council of State Governments/Eastern Regional Conference. 

Video courtesy of The Council of State Governments/Eastern Regional Conference. The full-length version available at 
Weathering the Storm



  • Live weather data provides the validation and correlation needed to build an accurate outage model. 
  • By delivering weather data with pinpoint accuracy to help identify the time and location of an outage, Earth Networks enables dramatic improvements in forecast modeling, preparation, and recovery -- resulting in shorter outage times and reduced costs.
  • Severe weather can compromise the safety of crews in the field.
  • Earth Networks products and services provide visualization and alerting tools enabling quick and thorough evaluation of existing and potential weather conditions that impact the safety of customers and employees.
  • Meteorological services are also available to assist utility companies with model and forecast analysis, as well as other customized alerting and briefing services.

  • Energy traders need immediate visibility into weather changes that will impact prices before demand changes are evident. 
  • Only live localized weather can provide the insight that today's energy trader needs to gain a competitive advantage.
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