Our Solutions

With extreme weather increasingly taking a tragic and devastating toll on lives and livelihoods in countries rich and poor, nations must prepare by incorporating real-time atmospheric intelligence into their meteorological operations. Through our successful public-private partnership approach, Earth Networks teams with government agencies to provide the most precise live weather conditions, the most relevant weather reports and the earliest weather warnings to safeguard lives and secure infrastructure.

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  • Global lightning data and tools to inform and support operations around the world.
  • Weather visualization tools to monitor total lightning and track severe weather in real-time.
  • Critical atmospheric data for decision making.
  • Connected, automated weather infrastructure that is quick to deploy and operate.
  • Radar-like visibility to precipitation.
  • Tools to assess the possibility of floods and drought.
  • Real-time forecasting and severe weather warnings.

Sustainable and scalable solutions provide advanced intelligence and extreme weather warnings, which are crucial in building resilient communities and adaptive capacity in a proven and sustainable manner.


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