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Keep an eye on the sky and stay informed with systems and support from Earth Networks - WeatherBug. From onsite weather data to advanced warnings to 24/7 meteorological support, we provide the critical weather intelligence that helps keep visitors safer from severe weather. Whether you’re in charge of a leading sports franchise, a world-renowned golf resort, community parks and recreation venues, or a high school or university athletic program, we can help you:

  • Monitor changing and potentially dangerous weather conditions.
  • Make more information decisions on whether to postpone or cancel games.
  • Create a positive experience for guests by helping to ensure the safest possible environment.
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  • Precise, on-site real-time weather monitoring.
  • Advanced lightning and severe weather detection and notification to ensure member and guest safety.
  • Weather data to optimize grounds maintenance.

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  • Objective weather information to make informed game-day decisions at home and away games.
  • Continuous updates during events to protect spectators, players and staff.
  • Advanced warning of lightning and severe weather to ensure spectator and player safety.

  • Real-time weather information for community pools, outdoor parks including tennis and soccer venues.
  • Advanced lightning and severe weather detection and notification to ensure visitor and player safety.
  • Information to support decisions on when to call games.
  • Peace of mind while protecting students, staff and visitors from lightning and other severe weather.
  • Immediate weather alerts to mobile devices, computers, and outdoor sirens.
  • Up-to-minute information to make safer outdoor and athletic decisions.

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