Colin Powell Middle School Joins the WGN9 WeatherBug Schools Network

WeatherBug Station to Help Illinois School Provide Live, Local Weather Conditions to the Surrounding Community and Enhance Student Education

Germantown, Md. and Matteson, Ill. – December 6, 2010 – WeatherBug® (, the leading provider of consumer and professional weather products and services and operator of the largest weather observing and lightning network, announced today that Colin Powell Middle School in Matteson, Ill. has joined the WGN9 WeatherBug Schools Program. The school has installed a new WeatherBug station and is able to provide weather data for meteorological teams at news station WGN9, and other stations across the country, to broadcast online and on-air. The weather station will also be used to enhance the science, technology and math school curriculum using the WeatherBug Achieve program.

Bringing the WeatherBug Schools Program to the school district was part of a collaborative effort between the school board, district administration and teachers. The program will enable students at Colin Powell Middle School to more effectively understand the science of meteorology.

“Meteorology is both exciting and is everywhere,” said Eddie Short, Director of Technology, Elementary School District 159. “This weather station and software from WeatherBug will enable all students of the District 159 community the opportunity to further their knowledge about weather and climate by using current technological tools. In addition, the WeatherBug Achieve program provides tools that support core curriculum areas; Science, Technology, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts.”

The WeatherBug media partner in Chicago, WGN9, currently leverages the WeatherBug national network of weather stations to offer Matteson, Ill. area residents the most local, up-to-the-second weather information available. Now, WGN9 will also be able to feature neighborhood-level reports from Colin Powell Middle School during its daily newscasts on-air and online.

“WeatherBug is pleased to welcome the students and faculty of the Colin Powell Middle School in Matteson, Illinois, as the newest members of WeatherBug Schools Program,” said Frank McCathran, Director of WeatherBug Education. “WGN9 is a strong media partner and we are delighted that a new school in the area is able to provide local weather information.”

The WeatherBug Schools Program is committed to helping protect schools and provide an engaging teaching tool for students nationwide. The WeatherBug interactive software program, WeatherBug Achieve, enables teachers to apply real-world conditions to help teach skills and concepts in math, science and geography. Teachers and students in K-12 have access to weather local weather conditions from any of the 8,000 WeatherBug sites across the country. Using WeatherBug Achieve, teachers can also create customized learning activities based on current and historical weather conditions from the WeatherBug stations and cameras located at the schools.

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