WeatherBug STEM Schools in District of Columbia Join ABC 7 WeatherBug® Schools Network

GERMANTOWN, MD and WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 11, 2010 – WeatherBug®, the leading provider of consumer and professional weather products and services and operator of the largest weather observing and lightning network, today announced that six STEM schools in Washington, D.C. joined the ABC 7 WeatherBug Schools Program. All six schools are now equipped with weather stations, high-definition cameras, lightning detection and web-based educational software tools. As a result, schools can use the weather data to improve STEM content and skills development, and officials will be notified with more advanced warning of lightning and other forms of severe weather through the WeatherBug Total Lightning Network™.

The six schools joining the ABC 7 WeatherBug Schools Program include: Beers Elementary School, Burroughs Education Campus, Emery Education Campus, Langdon Education Campus, Malcolm X Elementary School and Whittier Education Campus.

This year, all six schools are part of the D.C. Catalyst STEM Project. The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Catalyst STEM Project encourages these schools to design classrooms, lessons and school culture to highlight STEM issues and skills as a theme within all core subjects. In a STEM classroom, at any level and in any subject, students actively learn through discovery. At the core, STEM is a combination of hands-on lessons, rich exposure to technology and an interdisciplinary approach to the curriculum that will help prepare students for further education and a broad range of careers.

In addition, the weather stations and high-definition cameras will be able to provide real-time weather data to the ABC 7 weather team to broadcast online and on-air and to the community via mobile and web applications.

“While the program is still very much in its infancy, teachers are very excited about the program,” said Melvina Jones, STEM Coordinator, D.C. Public Schools. “Being part of the WeatherBug Schools program will help set the STEM schools apart from others. As a cohort of schools, we focus on immersing students in themes of content. The theme of weather integrates science, technology and math, but also can improve students’ understanding of social studies and cultures from around the world. Using WeatherBug, we are putting data at the fingertips of teachers and students.”

“The WeatherBug Schools Program is excited to have been chosen by District of Columbia Public Schools to support their STEM initiatives and safety programs,” said Frank McCathran, director of WeatherBug Education. “We are truly proud that our program aligns with their goals and are happy to be providing an array of weather tools to the students, teachers and overall community. While the goal is to help educate students and provide alerts to school officials in the event of lightning and other forms of severe weather, the addition of weather stations at these schools will also help the community stay safe and informed.”

The WeatherBug Schools Program is committed to helping protect schools and provide an engaging teaching tool for students nationwide. The WeatherBug interactive software program, WeatherBug Achieve, enables teachers to apply real-world conditions to help teach skills and concepts in math, science and geography. Teachers and students in K-12 have access to weather local weather conditions from any of the 8,000 WeatherBug sites across the country. Using WeatherBug Achieve, teachers can also create customized learning activities based on current and historical weather conditions from the school’s WeatherBug Tracking Stations and cameras.

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