Earth Networks and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Earth System Research Laboratory Form Partnership to Advance Climate Research

Data from the Earth Networks Greenhouse Gas Observation Network Will be Used for Scientific Research and Applications

Germantown, MD - January 26, 2011 - Earth Networks (formerly AWS Convergence Technologies), the owner and operator of the largest weather observing and lightning network, formalized an agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA-ESRL) to provide greenhouse gas (GHG) data from the Earth Networks Global Observation Network for use in research and applications to advance climate science.

The news follows the January 12 announcement by Earth Networks to deploy, in close collaboration with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a highly scalable and integrated greenhouse gas monitoring network that will observe and measure atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane gases on a global-to-local scale.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Earth Networks and NOAA-ESRL provides a framework for a research partnership and future cooperative ventures involving the use of Earth Networks GHG data. NOAA-ESRL will use the GHG data collected from this network to complement the data from its existing observation and analysis network to support the environmental research missions of the ESRL Global Monitoring Division. Further, Earth Networks will use gas calibration standards from NOAA-ESRL that ensure compatibility with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) scales for GHGs.

“The Earth Networks Greenhouse Gas Observation Network will provide a significant increase to the density of atmospheric observations for evaluating emissions and uptake of greenhouse gases, thus it could enable tighter application scales and greater certainty of information products,” said Dr. James Butler, Director, Global Monitoring Division, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA-ESRL).  “This effort, properly coordinated with NOAA’s global network, would aid in enhancing research and developing applications to better understand the regional-scale behavior of atmospheric constituents that drive climate change.”

“Our mission at Earth Networks is to “take the pulse of the planet” through better measurement of global environmental data on an unprecedented scale,” said Bob Marshall, CEO of Earth Networks. “Our public-private partnership with NOAA-ESRL is a strong collaborative effort to advance the understanding of the impact of greenhouse gases on the Earth’s system.”

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Earth Networks operates the largest weather observation and lightning networks in the world and is establishing a global environmental data network on an unprecedented scale.  Earth Networks owns and operates the WeatherBug brand, which precisely monitors, organizes and distributes global weather information. Each day, consumers and organizations, including the National Weather Service, turn to WeatherBug to plan daily activities, safeguard lives and improve business operations. Earth Networks is based in Germantown, Maryland and is online at



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