WeatherBug Announces “Tell Us Your Story” Contest Winner and Finalists

Mother from Catlett, Virginia Wins Contest by Sharing Her Dramatic Tornado Story

Germantown, MD August 19, 2011 – Earth Networks℠ the owner of WeatherBug® and operator of the largest weather observing and lightning network, announces the grand prize winner and finalists of its “Tell Us Your Story” contest. The contest celebrates WeatherBug’s loyal users and fans as it marks the 100 millionth download of its popular desktop application. For the contest, WeatherBug supporters sent in stories about their unique experiences with using the WeatherBug mobile apps, desktop application and website that provide weather information to over 40 million every month where and when they need it most.

Terry M. of Catlett, Virginia, won the contest with her dramatic story of how a WeatherBug alert helped keep her family safe from an approaching tornado:

It was the evening of March 10, 2011, around 11:00 pm when my daughter got the WeatherBug alert on her mobile phone. A tornado warning was issued for Fauquier County and the storm was heading our direction very quickly. Her WeatherBug alerts kept coming as the storm got closer and closer. At that time we decided to go get everyone up out of bed and seek shelter in the basement. No one was happy about being dragged out of bed late that evening, but we decided because of the WeatherBug alerts, we had to be safe. We woke up a sleepy-eyed baby, a grumpy Grandpa, grabbed the leash and got our family dog, and rushed to the basement. We stayed in the basement that night and watched the news and waited until the weather alerts had expired for our area. We all feel fortunate to have the capability of getting the WeatherBug alerts and also for having a basement to seek shelter in. The baby went right back to sleep and so did grumpy Grandpa. Thank you for giving us fantastic up-to-the-minute alerts and potentially saving our family’s lives!”

WeatherBug also selected several finalists for the contest: 

  • Paige V. of Greensburg, Pennsylvania: While she was away at college, Paige checked the weather in her hometown. The WeatherBug desktop app alerted Paige of severe weather approaching her family’s community. Paige immediately called to warn them that a tornado was headed their way, and her family got inside right as a tornado approached.
  • George D. of Boulder, Colorado: George uses the WeatherBug desktop application and mobile app to stay informed of ski conditions, save his garden from frost, and to plan his outdoor and travel forecasts. WeatherBug alerted George to a fierce snowstorm that kept unaware motorists stuck in their cars for hours, while he remained safe and comfortable in his cabin.
  • Robin R. of Chester, Illinois: The WeatherBug desktop app helps Robin inform her sixth-grade students about weather conditions so they will be prepared for recess when the temperature drops. The students also have fun predicting how much snow will fall or if there will be class when WeatherBug shows a snow storm approaching.
  • Steve B. of Toledo, Ohio: Steve checks the WeatherBug desktop app before he rides his motorcycle to know if conditions are good. Steve shared the story of how WeatherBug kept him safely off the road on a sunny day that quickly turned into severe thunderstorms with hail and high winds.
“Athletes, storm chasers and parents alike sent us their stories about how the WeatherBug website, desktop application and mobile apps are part of their lives and help them better understand and prepare for all kinds of weather,” says Chris Brozenick, Vice President of Consumer Products, WeatherBug. “We are thankful that so many took the time to send in their personal stories.”

WeatherBug handpicked the contest winner and finalists out of hundreds of submissions. The winner of the contest will receive a
WeatherBug 15” LCD Weather Display and the finalists will receive assorted WeatherBug merchandise. Read their full stories and learn about the other finalists here:

The stories submitted illustrate the important role weather plays in daily life. Stories included examples of WeatherBug being used for alerting and safety from potentially life-threatening tornadoes, lightning and developing conditions. Others shared how advanced weather warnings from WeatherBug are often used for protecting those on-the-job or enjoying outdoor activities. Additional stories included how WeatherBug is used for teaching children about weather or as a tool to help plant gardens and set home thermostats. Many turn to WeatherBug as a way to plan for the day ahead, to know how to dress their kids for school, or if there will be sports practice.

Earth Networks: Powering WeatherBug & WeatherBug Home

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