WeatherBug Fosters Future Meteorologists at Central Michigan’s West Hills Middle School

Public School Gets a State-of-the-Art Weather Station and Award-Winning Educational Software for Winning Entry in the 2011 SunWise with SHADE National Poster Contest

Germantown, MD – November 17, 2011 – Earth NetworksSM, the owner of WeatherBug® and operator of the largest weather, lightning and climate observation networks, proudly announces that West Hills Middle School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is now part of the WeatherBug Schools Program after one of its students won the nationwide 2011 SunWise with SHADE National Poster Contest. West Hills now has a brand-new WeatherBug Weather Station and a lifetime WeatherBug Achieve educational software license.

Seventh-grader Jolie secured the top prize for her school with her
“Little Mr. SunWise” poster. During this past year’s competition, more than 10,000 posters were submitted by students from around the country.

WeatherBug Schools Program is a nationwide network of more than 8,500 elementary schools, middle schools and high schools across the country equipped with WeatherBug Weather Stations and WeatherBug Achieve software. Together, these tools enable teachers to integrate live, local weather data and the latest technology into classroom learning. The program helps schools support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts and skills development for students using real-world environmental data and interactive lessons and tools.

SHADE Foundation of America is a non-profit organization that teaches children about sun safety. SunWise is an environmental and health education program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps educate children and their caregivers on how to protect themselves from overexposing their skin to the sun. WeatherBug, and its parent company, Earth Networks, have been working with the SHADE Foundation of America and SunWise for the last four years to spread awareness of skin cancer among students.

WeatherBug Weather Stations track numerous weather variables, including wind speed, direction, ambient temperature, dew point, precipitation and humidity levels, to provide timely and accurate meteorological data. Each weather station is built to withstand weather extremes, and provides live weather data feeds from its network.

“Since the arrival of the WeatherBug Weather Station, WHMS has landed itself on the map,” says West Hills Middle School Principal Dr. Heidi Kattula. “Current 7th graders are utilizing the WeatherBug Tracking Station every day at the beginning of class as they are recording the live, real-time data for various atmospheric conditions while they learn about weather and climate. Students are excited to have the WeatherBug Station because they get to wear the hat of meteorologists who study and predict the weather.”

Dr. Kattula added, “Each day students are recording various atmospheric conditions that are taking place at WHMS for a month's period of time, and what better time of year to record atmospheric conditions then now when our weather is drastically changing because of the seasons. Once students have recorded data for a month's period of time, they will then construct graphs and analyze each graph as they look for patterns and relationships in the weather over the past month.”

“We are happy to support the 2011 SunWise with SHADE National Poster Contest Winner again this year by providing a WeatherBug Weather Station and WeatherBug Achieve software to West Hills Middle School,” says WeatherBug Schools Director Frank McCathran. “We strive to provide schools across the country with the most up-to-date weather information, severe weather alerts and learning tools, and we congratulate and welcome West Hills Middle School to our growing WeatherBug Schools Network.”

About Bloomfield Hills Schools
Bloomfield Hills Schools offers an academically rigorous curriculum delivered in small classes. Students balance academic requirements with increased responsibility, independence and leadership. Small schools offer personal attention while maintaining a group dynamic that is intellectually stimulating. All are NCA accredited, nine are International Baccalaureate, authorized or candidate schools, and we boast a school of visible thinking, and one with a focus on sustainable education. Our preschools are among Michigan's finest. We attract the state's most qualified and rigorously-trained teaching professionals. Year after year our students score significantly above national averages on standardized tests. 

Earth Networks: Powering WeatherBug & WeatherBug Home

For 20 years, we have been Taking the Pulse of the Planet® using the world’s largest weather, lightning and greenhouse gas monitoring networks. Our sensors across the planet keep consumers, businesses, and governments informed, updated and alerted. Our popular WeatherBug® brand provides neighborhood-level weather, superior forecasts and advanced severe weather alerts to millions. Our WeatherBug Home offering taps big weather and connected home data for improved energy efficiency and comfort. Enterprises such as schools, airports, professional sports teams, utilities and government agencies rely on our early warning solutions to safeguard lives, prepare for weather events, and optimize operations. Know Before®.

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