WeatherBug Total Lightning Network Expands Globally

Comprehensive Solutions Available for Worldwide Lightning Detection and Severe Weather Prediction

American Meteorological Society 90th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, January 18, 2010 – WeatherBug, the leading provider of consumer and professional weather services and operator of the largest weather observing network, announced today the global expansion of the WeatherBug Total Lightning Network™ (WTLN) to provide worldwide lightning coverage. WTLN, launched in early 2009, is an integrated network of high precision, broadband lightning sensors currently located across North America, Hawaii and the Caribbean. The network is augmented with comprehensive solutions including analytical and decision support tools; location-based alerting; web and mobile applications and complete network installation and management services. WTLN is expanding to include sensor placements in strategic locations within 34 countries around the world including key areas throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

WTLN incorporates the most advanced lightning location technology available and is the first in-cloud (IC) lightning detection network deployed on a national basis. The ability to detect IC lightning at high efficiencies is critical for the advanced prediction of severe weather phenomena such as tornadoes, damaging downburst winds, wind shear and deadly cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning strikes. This translates into significant improvements in severe storm warning lead times and associated asset protection. Combined with advanced analytics and display capabilities, WeatherBug solutions meet the needs of weather sensitive users and industries including aviation, shipping, utilities, federal/national governments, public safety, sports/recreation and education.

WTLN provides next generation lightning sensing units that are extremely effective, efficient and scalable enabling high density distribution and worldwide deployment. This sophisticated technology:

  • Contains enhanced low frequency processing algorithms for long range detection that is particularly useful for monitoring distant ocean and land areas where radar coverage is not available.
  • Employs broad spectrum processing for high efficiency detection of both IC and CG and the ability to identify areas of deep convection and severe storm initiation.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art electronic components for reduced signal to noise resulting in enhanced sensor sensitivity.
  • Provides real-time central collection of comprehensive waveforms for the generation of complete lightning stroke data feeds that includes time, location, classification and peak current/polarity.
  • Leverages the WeatherBug high capacity, fully redundant data centers for rapid and reliable communications.

Around the globe, the WTLN technology platform will also enable superior CG lightning detection. With digital signal processing; enhanced long range detection and faster/ more accurate data processing and timing, the network delivers extremely high performance metrics with a minimum number of sensors and with less dependence on stringent siting and geographic distribution requirements.

“The WeatherBug Total Lightning Network, combined with our seamless display and processing capabilities, provides a complete solution for those requiring lightning detection for a single location, limited area of interest or global scale coverage,” said Bob Marshall, President and CEO of WeatherBug. “WeatherBug excels at deploying and operating multi-functional mesonets that integrate both in situ monitoring and remote sensing. Also, our advanced technologies, in particular the capture of total lightning with high detection efficiencies, provide a distinct advantage for early warning storm detection by significantly increasing lead times over forecasts based solely on traditional observing platforms. With the aggressive global expansion of our network, we are confident that our customers will continue to value the speed and ease of WeatherBug end-to-end products and management services.”

Editor’s Note: This announcement was issued at the American Meteorological Society 90th Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia on January 17-21, 2010. More information on the global expansion and the latest products from WeatherBug can be viewed in booth #514.

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