WeatherBug Packs New Features into App for Android Smart Phones and Tablets

Mobile Weather App Adds 10-Day Forecasts, Hurricane Center, Spanish Language Support, and More – So you can Know Before™ from the World’s Largest Real-Time Weather and Lightning Network

Germantown, MD – August 27, 2013 – Having the most up-to-date, neighborhood-level forecasts is vital for planning and safety. To help Android users stay one step ahead, WeatherBug® introduces expanded forecasts, enhanced information and new customization options to its popular app for Android phones and tablets. Plus, WeatherBug is also debuting a new look-and-feel for its Android tablet app following a major successful redesign of its Android phone app, which was unveiled to users last spring.

In addition to new 10-day forecasts, a new Hurricane Center and Spanish language support, users get all the distinctive features – including the fastest alerts from the largest real-time weather network, and Spark™, the only mobile tool that delivers minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning strike information – that users rave about.  

Key new features for WeatherBug 3.1 for Android include:

- 10-Day Forecasts: While other apps provide weather data that’s up to an hour old, WeatherBug reports truly live, local conditions every 2 seconds from our very own network of 10,000 neighborhood-level, professional-grade sensors -- the largest local network on the planet. Now WeatherBug provides the extended 10-day forecast -- based on neighborhood-level data and fine-tuned algorithms -- to help you plan for the weather ahead.

- New Hurricane Center: Know Before™ and be prepared for the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. Track the latest storms, watch animated satellite views, and check the radar within the app’s Hurricane Center. Investigate past hurricanes or read related stories to help you prepare for what’s ahead. With one click, tablet users can also read news updates from the WeatherBug Meteorology Team.

- Spanish Language Support: ¿Hablas español? Sí? Well, WeatherBug does now too. Users can select Spanish as the default language for current and extended forecasts! Plus, you can customize your app’s look from a deeper array of backgrounds that include beach and rain drop designs.

Exclusive features to WeatherBug include:

Spark Lightning Alerts: WeatherBug includes Spark, an exclusive feature delivering personalized lightning strike information based on your device’s GPS location, your favorite locations you regularly check, and on the spot where loved ones might be at the moment. Spark taps into the world’s largest and most advanced Total Lightning Network to bring you minute-by-minute and mile-by-mile lightning information right to your device.  

- Faster Severe Weather Alerts: WeatherBug delivers watches and warnings issued by the NWS in addition to WeatherBug’s exclusive Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs). Powered by breakthrough technology and live data from the world’s largest and most advanced total lightning detection network, DTAs can provide warnings of thunderstorms and other severe weather 50% faster, on average, than any other app.

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Earth Networks: Powering WeatherBug & WeatherBug Home

For 20 years, we have been Taking the Pulse of the Planet® using the world’s largest weather, lightning and greenhouse gas monitoring networks. Our sensors across the planet keep consumers, businesses, and governments informed, updated and alerted. Our popular WeatherBug® brand provides neighborhood-level weather, superior forecasts and advanced severe weather alerts to millions. Our WeatherBug Home offering taps big weather and connected home data for improved energy efficiency and comfort. Enterprises such as schools, airports, professional sports teams, utilities and government agencies rely on our early warning solutions to safeguard lives, prepare for weather events, and optimize operations. Know Before®.

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