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We observe the Earth's atmosphere using vast global sensor networks -- the largest in the world. Our weather and lightning observations provide the real-time information that our customers need to Know BeforeTM severe weather strikes. Highlights include:

  • Weather stations provide real-time weather conditions including temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction and more.
  • Lightning sensors detect both cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning strikes.
  • Weather Cameras deliver live camera views and time-lapse animations.
  • Pulse API delivers customized lightning information and forecasts to developers and organizations.
  • Online Weather Center provides live weather data from an organization's own web page.



Weather stations measure key atmospheric conditions - including temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and other variables.

Our lightning sensors are part of the largest network for detecting cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning - a common precursor to severe weather.


  Weather cameras deliver live views and time-lapse animations to millions every day.
  Our Pulse API delivers the live, local weather and lightning information and forecasts you need in a variety of packages - Basic, Plus, Pro and Custom.
  The Online Weather Center is a web-based tool providing live weather information from your weather station.