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Outdoor Alerting System


The Most Advanced Automated Lightning Warning Available

When lightning threatens, minutes matter. Outdoor facilities can now benefit from the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system that utilizes real-time in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection.

Made in the U.S.A. and designed specifically for outdoor facilities, the Outdoor Alerting System is unique in both design and function. The patented design represents a new generation in omni-directional sirens and alerting systems and the professional-grade components make it virtually maintenance free.

The system provides high-decibel, attention-getting signals for maximum coverage from single or multiple siren sites and comes equipped with a built-in battery backup.

The indoor components connect to the alert system and contain a loud internal speaker with an adjustable volume level to alert personnel inside. The unit can either be wall mounted or sit on a desktop and provides manual control buttons for Alert, All Clear and Cancel.  

The Outdoor Alerting System provides decision makers with a web-based interface to configure hours of operation, lightning-strike distance, alert duration, and email alert recipients. A real-time dashboard displays the current alert status info: connection, active alerts, last stroke time and distance and a countdown timer with the estimated time to the All Clear.