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Weather is the biggest factor driving your home energy use. By combining big data from the world’s largest weather network (ours!) with customer energy use information and a comprehensive set of analytics, WeatherBug® Home provides personalized insights and reduces energy use. Homeowners can finally stay comfortable and save energy at the same time — and utilities can harness the power of big data to improve operations and boost efficiency.

What is WeatherBug Home?


WeatherBug Home integrates key weather variables — solar, wind speed and direction, and temperature -- into home energy management and demand response programs. These variables are critical in maximizing energy efficiency and cutting costs.

Personalized Insight into Home Energy Use

By using local, real-time comprehensive weather data from the world’s largest network, WeatherBug Home provides deeper insights to help homeowners visualize their energy use and explains why their house “behaves” the way it does.

There’s no hardware or software to install. WeatherBug Home uses data from existing smart meters and two-way thermostats. Take the WeatherBug Home ScoreCard tour.

Seamless Weather Optimization

Got a two-way thermostat? Let us do the work. We’ll put our weather smarts to use while keeping you comfortable and saving money with WeatherBug Home Optimization. With a tap of a button, we’ll instantly optimize your settings. Last summer in Texas, we kept our customers comfortable while saving them 8% on their HVAC bills -- or 4% of whole house energy.

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