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Experience the Benefit of Live, Local Weather

The benefit of up-to-the-second weather monitoring is having access to current, location specific weather to aid in planning or risk assessment during weather events. At the heart of the Earth Networks weather network is the weather station: a state-of-the-art, professional-grade weather sensor suite that tracks 27 different variables from stations located at over 10,000 educational, government, emergency management and recreational facilities nationwide.

Commercial Grade Components

Built to withstand all kinds of weather, the Earth Networks weather station is easily installed on the rooftops of schools, firehouses, government buildings and other locations. Live weather data from the stations feed into the WeatherBug network and made instantaneously available to communities, business operations, or emergency management offices through WeatherBug applications.

The WeatherBug Weather Station includes:

Wind Sensor

Records wind speed and direction, including gusts.

Sensor Shelter

Records numerous weather parameters, including temperature, relative humidity, heat index, barometric pressure and more.

Rain Gauge

Measures and records hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly rainfall accumulation and rain rate.

Digital Display

Easy-to-read indoor digital display showing your current weather condition readings from your weather station.

WeatherBug Data Appliance:

Data logger and internet transmitter that stores and processes weather data.

Options Include:

WeatherBug Lightning Sensor

Provides high efficiency detection of Intracloud and Cloud-to-Ground lightning utilizing the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN). Total lightning detection is critical for advanced prediction and forecasting of severe weather.

HD Weather Camera

The HD Weather Camera delivers exceedingly clear, high definition images of storms and systems as they move through the local area - in full 16:9 aspect ratio.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HD Camera

The ultimate in monitoring solutions, the PTZ high-definition motion camera combined with an intuitive web-based camera control interface provides a bird’s eye view to monitor live weather events and daily operations.