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Forecasts help you prepare for tomorrow, now-casting delivers real-time information to influence decisions today. Our web-based monitoring, visualization and alerting platform shows you current weather conditions in one intuitive and easy to use interface—on your computer or mobile device.

Make intelligent weather-related decisions

Collaborate with stake-holders during severe weather events

Prioritize safety and security

Layer upon layer of animated real-time weather information

An extensive library of preset weather observation layers including Earth Networks Total Lightning, Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, National Weather Service Alerts, temperature, radar, and many others.

Real-time sharing and collaboration tools

Broadcast live weather maps and custom drawings with colleagues in other locations or in the field. Custom drawings can be saved as a new layer for everyone to reference.

Set up your own map layers

Extend the built-in library of data layers with the ability to import new objects or 3rd party data as new layers without writing code. Just drop in a data file and you're ready to go.

Data you can trust

Sferic Maps is powered by the world’s largest proprietary weather networks, with more than 12,000 professional-grade weather stations and long-range world-wide lightning detection capabilities. Each weather station monitors more than 25 metrics which are updated every 2 seconds.

Intuitive and easy to use

Sferic Maps is easy to use and is fully responsive for easy use on any device. We're here to help you get up and running, but more than likely you won't need it.

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