Earth Networks and WeatherSTEM Partner To Deliver Data-Based STEM Curriculum

  • Feb 03, 2017

WeatherSTEM powered by Earth Networks leverages hyper-local weather data to advance STEM learning and severe weather safety

Germantown, MD– January 19, 2017 — Earth Networks today announced a strategic partnership with WeatherSTEM to deliver an innovative STEM curriculum to schools built around hyper-local weather data. WeatherSTEM powered by Earth Networks combines real-time observations from Earth Networks’ global network of climate, lightning, and greenhouse gas monitoring sensors with the WeatherSTEM safety alert platform to provide schools with a next generation weather data-based STEM curriculum while protecting students against dangerous weather events.

WeatherSTEM is a web-based instructional program that enables K-12 schools to use live weather and environmental data to improve student achievement across science, technology, math and geography.

Schools using WeatherSTEM recognize the important contribution the platform is making toward student engagement. Amy Monahan, K-12 STEM Specialist at Volusia County Schools said, “With WeatherSTEM onsite at our school, teachers can snowball student-driven learning in the classroom with real-world data that impacts students’ everyday lives. Students are in charge of what they want to learn. They’re not given a dataset. They’re creating the dataset. And we know if that’s the case they’re more in tune to what’s going on. They start making connections.”

Through this strategic partnership, K-12 schools can benefit from a comprehensive weather safety and STEM education product suite with several unique components:

  • Customized, branded weather stations that measure real-time conditions and includes access to an online education portal networked to 12,000 other weather stations at organizations across the U.S.
  • Innovative online, visual STEM curriculum for K-12 schools that is built around live data and information that comes directly from the weather stations.
  • Outdoor alerting safety package provides customizable notifications and alerts for all types of severe weather events including lightning and heat stress, keeping student athletes, spectators, staff and visitors safe,
  • Social media integration to foster community building and engagement, as every WeatherSTEM weather station has its own social media presence and can send out automated information on Twitter or Facebook about the weather at the school/organization on a set schedule.

“Earth Networks is focused on developing and distributing innovative solutions that tap into the rich, real-time data from the world’s largest network of weather, lightning and greenhouse gas monitoring sensors,” said Jim Anderson, SVP Global Sales, Earth Networks. “By combining our hyper-local weather data, weather forecasts and other environmental information with WeatherSTEM’s customized weather alert platform, we can help our K-12 customers boost student interest in STEM fields with an engaging, hands-on curriculum.”

“Early exposure to weather and science builds a strong foundation for future educational opportunities and careers in STEM fields,” adds Edward Mansouri, CEO of WeatherSTEM. “We are thrilled to partner with Earth Networks to offer an educational product package that advances STEM learning and helps students gain a better understanding of how weather impacts the world we live in, and vice versa.”

For more information about WeatherSTEM powered by Earth Networks, visit here.

About Earth Networks
Earth Networks has been Taking the Pulse of the Planet® for more than 20 years. We help organizations mitigate financial, operational and human risk by providing environmental intelligence from the world’s largest hyperlocal weather network. Our new Whisker Labs division develops next generation energy intelligence technologies that unlock the full potential of a connected home with intelligent diagnostics on unconnected appliances and optimization of connected devices, so customers can enjoy savings and peace of mind. Schools, airports, professional sports teams, utilities and government agencies rely on our early warning solutions to safeguard lives, prepare for weather events and optimize operations. Companies across all industries use our weather data to make informed decisions regarding risk management, business continuity and asset protection.

About WeatherSTEM

WeatherSTEM is an integration of weather stations, collected and distributed atmospheric data, and STEM-based curriculum for grades K-12. A variety of weather and agricultural sensors measure readings every minute, and these measurements are stored in the cloud, freely accessible for research and analysis using WeatherSTEM’s data mining tools. A growing library of standards-aligned lessons and activities use live data for teaching and learning. Each installation also comes with a customized weather portal that provides current readings, forecasts, lightning detection, alerts, and much more.
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