STEM Education is All Around You (And Your Students!)

  • Apr 13, 2017

STEM EDU is All Around You (and your students!)

STEM education is very important, now more than ever. Science, technology, engineering, and math will be necessary skill areas for employees by the time today’s learner’s graduate. In fact, STEM jobs are growing at 1.7 times the rate of non-STEM jobs. Even though the openings are growing, not enough students are going into STEM fields.

A lot of teachers find it difficult to introduce students to STEM concepts. Let’s face it, not every teacher specializes in preparing students for futures as computer systems analysts or medical scientists. However, exposing children to the simplest forms of STEM concepts in their natural environment is a good way to peak their interest.

Get Students Interested in the World Around Them

It’s hard to enhance STEM education and active learning in your classroom without the right tools. Even then, students may fail to see the importance of these key subjects. A great way to introduce students K-12 to STEM education is to expose them to learning about their immediate environment.

All students have to do is look out of your classroom window to see weather and climate, and that’s a great jumping off point for weather-based curriculum. We’ve found that learning about the environment helps show students in real-time how weather impacts the physical world around them. What’s more, this helps students see how concepts in the classroom apply to them in real life.

Learning about the outside world not only integrates science factors but technology and math aspects as well, depending on the tools you use. Students won’t realized how STEM-heavy their lessons are when they are collaborating with classmates on concepts and theories in biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Learning with WeatherSTEM 

Our partner WeatherSTEM excels in teaching students about both weather and the climate. Their interactive weather plans partnered with on-site school weather stations get students interested in the weather and the technology that measures it. Basically, Earth Networks and WeatherSTEM work together to integrate a variety of atmospheric and agricultural data into an application that promotes both data and environmental literacy.

To learn more about WeatherSTEM, sign up for a free demo today.