WeatherSTEM Webinar: Come Join us to Find Out How WeatherSTEM Can Benefit Your School

  • May 18, 2017

Don’t miss Earth Networks WeatherSTEM Webinar on May 24th, 2017 at 2:00 PM ET. Sign up here. Not sure what WeatherSTEM is? We’ve got you covered:

What is WeatherSTEM?

First thing’s first: What is WeatherSTEM? WeatherSTEM is one of the most comprehensive STEM learning programs available in the U.S. Combing weather, education, and safety, the program is a collaborative way to both teach and protect students K-12.

Its various features include the connection to the nationwide network, graphing tools, data mining, video curation, STEM lesson plans and more. While WeatherSTEM is definitely a tool for the classroom, it’s safety features enable it to protect practices, games, and other outdoor activities with severe weather alerts.

Complete with its own mobile application, WeatherSTEM is wherever your students are; ready to alert you of severe weather or aid in your next lesson plan.

Why WeatherSTEM?

WeatherSTEM creator and CEO Edward Mansouri originally created the platform to infuse K-12 STEM curriculum with live data, but he quickly added on lightning detection capabilities to ensure school and public safety. Recently, WeatherSTEM partnered with Earth Networks to leverage Earth Network first-of-its-kind total lightning network. With the power of nearly 1,200 lightning sensors worldwide, WeatherSTEM now can keep students throughout the U.S. even safer from severe weather.

At our WeatherSTEM Webinar, you’ll learn exactly how WeatherSTEM works. Not only do the WeatherSTEM systems collect various critical weather metrics right from your school, but then they display it all on an interactive dashboard. This data isn’t from “last night” or “this morning”, either; it’s in real-time. Thanks to its real-time capabilities, the system can process faster severe weather alerts. You don’t have to be a math teacher to understand that easy-to-understand information + fast technology = engaged students.

WeatherSTEM is the one stop shop for a technologically-savvy science teacher. Lesson plans help teachers explain complex weather and climate information. The real-time data and on-site system help enhance student engagement and get students excited about STEM learning, which is important. Did you know that STEM jobs are growing 1.7 times the rate of non-STEM jobs? Now is the time to get your students involved so they can be better prepared for the future.

Don’t Miss the Free WeatherSTEM Webinar!

Could your school benefit from WeatherSTEM? Whether you’re thinking “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”, it can’t hurt to watch our achived webinar from May 24. Click the link below to join WeatherSTEM creator and CEO Edward Mansouri as well as Earth Networks Director of Education Markets, Mark Hyer. Together, the two showcase WeatherSTEM’s unique benefits for K-12 educators.