Monthly WeatherSTEM Webinars: 5 Reasons You Should Tune In

  • May 18, 2018

We’re excited to announce our monthly WeatherSTEM webinars series! We crafted this webinar series to help current Earth Networks WeatherSTEM users get the most out of their advanced STEM learning software. It’s also an opportunity for educators with an interest in the program to learn more about it.

Keep reading to find out the 5 reasons why you need to attend this month’s webinar. Of course, you might be ready to sign up. Sign up now and mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 23 2018, at 3:30 PM ET.

1. Learn About Data Mining

This month, our presenter is WeatherSTEM founder, Ed Mansouri. During May’s webinar, he’ll go over data mining and why this is an important aspect of STEM learning. He’ll also explain how WeatherSTEM enables students to partake in data mining. There is a great lesson in the WeatherSTEM Lesson Library on data mining. This is a great opportunity to expand your STEM knowledge as an educator.

2. Get More Out of the Lesson Library

How many lessons have you taught so far from the lesson library? If you’ve never covered data mining before, this is a great webinar that will help you expand your lesson plans with perspectives straight from the experts. It’s also a great time to ask questions about other lesson plans and learn what WeatherSTEM has to offer. Maybe you’ve only focused on lesson plans that cover your location. That’s fine, but there are a ton of regional weather lesson plans that will help students expand their knowledge of science throughout the country. We highly recommend scrolling through the lesson plans regularly to discover new topics to teach your students.

3. See the Connection Between WeatherSTEM and the Next Generation Science Standards

The third reason to sign up for our WeatherSTEM webinars is the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

No matter what grade you teach, the three dimensions of the NGSS should guide your science lessons for students build a cohesive understanding of science over time. WeatherSTEM aligns perfectly with NGSS. During this webinar, you’ll see just how seamlessly WeatherSTEM’s lesson plans and data applications fit into crosscutting concepts, science and engineering practices, and disciplinary core ideas.

4. Ask Questions

Have some burning WeatherSTEM questions you haven’t been able to ask your dedicated Earth Networks representative yet? No worries! Bring your questions to this webinar. At the end of the presentation, we’ll have a Q&A session to ensure you’re getting the most value.

5. It’s FREE


Who doesn’t love something that’s free? Whether you’re a current WeatherSTEM user or an interested educator, we welcome you to this webinar free of charge. Here are the details again so you can mark your calendar:

Date: Tuesday, May 23
Time: 3:30 PM ET
Place: Online webinar

Sign Up

Future WeatherSTEM Webinars

If you can’t make this webinar – Don’t sweat it! We’ll have a WeatherSTEM webinar every month. Here is our short term calendar of the series. You can sign up for these future sessions using the links below.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

As with our other webinar series, we’ll record these webinars and send copies out to all registrants. If you can’t make it, you can still get all the insightful information you need. If you have any questions about this webinar series or WeatherSTEM in general, please reach out in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.