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Why is forecasting important to your organization? Small errors in short-term weather forecasts can cost you. We’re talking millions. The research is clear: Infusing localized, real-time weather information into numerical weather prediction improves the accuracy of short-term forecasts, as does utilizing the highest-resolution models, eliminating model bias, and updating the forecast frequently with the latest observations. ENcast solves the biggest industry forecast problems and sets a new standard for accurate hourly weather forecasts from 0 to 15 days. Protect your bottom line with ENcast.

  • Pinpoint accurate weather forecasts for any location in the world
  • Avoid forecasting errors to maximize financial and operational results
  • Stay vigilant with the latest weather information

The most accurate forecasts

Our combo of proprietary data and the best-performing set of global models help you get the most accurate weather forecast. Basically, if we arm wrestled any other solution we'd win every time.

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