2022 Weather Management Solutions for Airport Operations Buying Guide

Severe weather impacts all aspects of airport operations and, according to our 2019 industry report, weather is a daily concern. Protect ground crews, passengers, and airport personnel while safeguarding capital assets with the world’s best weather data and total lightning detection network. We’ll put together a custom aviation weather plan to help you achieve all your goals:

  • Reduce crew and passenger injuries from lightning and severe weather
  • Ensure operational continuity with automated alerting and countdown clocks
  • Avoid aircraft damage from hail and lightning strikes
  • Minimize false alarms that slow operations and cause unnecessary disruption
  • Improve on-time performance with real-time weather data
  • Get detailed forecasts and support from our 24/7 meteorology team

Get lightning alerts 50% faster

Our total lightning network not only provides advanced early warning of severe weather from both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection, but also helps predict wind shear and downbursts. An extra pair of eyes on the skies to alert you to changing conditions that demand your attention.

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Customize your own weather dashboard

Our web-based weather monitoring, tracking and alerting software shows 25+ current weather conditions from a global network of 10,000+ stations that help you foresee diversions and icing events headed your way and prepare sooner. Professional-grade weather data to help you minimize the impact of weather-related disruptions.

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Access our round-the-clock forecasting team

Do you ever joke that you need your own team of meteorologists? Science is serious. We have that expert team you're looking for. You can call up our team of professional meteorologists 24/7 for on-demand support. Our Met Services team will also send you customized airport weather forecasts every day.

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Activate visual and audible alerts when lightning is near

Leverage the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system that is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection technology in your aviation weather software bundle

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