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Learn how we can help protect your mining operation

Severe weather impacts many aspects of mining operations. Convective weather especially poses significant risk to crew, machinery, and vehicles at mining operations while in the pits. Protect crews and safeguard capital assets with the world’s best weather data products and services. We’ll put together a custom technology solution to help you achieve all your goals:

  • Reduce crew injuries
  • Ensure operational continuity
  • Avoid machinery and vehicle damage from lightning strikes, landslides, and wind bursts
  • Minimize false alarms

Plan ahead with accurate weather information

Find the best window of opportunity for heavy machinery operation, truck movements, and crane operations based on wind, humidity, rain forecasts, and more.

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Automate outdoor alerting to ensure safety

Set your severe weather plan into action and eliminate the risk of human error at your mine with automated alerts from an on-site horn and strobe system

Sferic Siren

Get weather warnings 50% faster

Our total lightning network gives mines across the world 50% faster alerts to incoming thunderstorms and dangerous weather events

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