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Learn how our solutions works for wind power

Severe weather impacts many aspects of wind energy operations. Lightning in particular poses a significant risk to wind turbines, crew, and control systems at wind farms. Protect crews and safeguard capital assets with the world’s best weather data products and services. We’ll put together a custom technology solution to help you achieve all your goals:

  • Reduce crew injuries
  • Improve operational continuity
  • Identify damaged control systems and electronics
  • Minimize false alarms

Real-time lightning data

Track cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning strokes as they approach your wind farm operations

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Automate weather alerts to ensure safety

Set your severe weather plan into action and eliminate the risk of human error at your wind farm with automatic mobile alerts

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Investigate with historical lightning data

Our total lightning network gives wind farms around the world the ability to see if lightning struck their equipment and when

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