We’re on a mission to improve severe weather alerting throughout Africa. Our total lightning network functions to save lives and protect critical infrastructure in West Africa, East Africa and South Africa. Our Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts and Pulse Rad proxy radar ensure airport operations and National Meteorological Hydrological Services (NHMS) throughout the region are properly prepared for severe weather.

Proxy radar in developing countries

Organizations, including government organizations, use PulseRad even in remote locations to make weather-related decisions easier. We help save you time and money while improving safety.

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Real-time alerting to severe storms

Any country in Africa, even developing ones, can harness the power of DTAs when minutes matter. Our in-cloud lightning detectors enable the fastest, most comprehensive severe weather alerts.

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New Partnership with Mozambique National Meteorology

Initiated as a pilot project in 2014, Earth Networks Weather Network in Mozambique is intended to help safety and disaster recovery agencies provide the public with advance warning of incoming severe weather to save lives, reduce injuries and minimize property damage.

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