We’re deploying our total lightning network in South America by collaborating with key industries across the continent. Our partnerships with energy and weather organizations enable us to improve weather-related decision-making and protect lives from lightning, tornadoes and other forms of severe weather throughout the region.

Proxy radar in developing countries

Organizations, including government organizations, use PulseRad even in remote locations to make weather-related decisions easier. We help save you time and money while improving safety.

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Weather data that powers you

If you need high volume weather data in South America, Sferic Data Stream is the solution for you. Understand how weather influences your risk models and feed live feeds into your apps.

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Panama implements advanced severe weather monitoring

The Hydrometeorology Department of Empresa de Transmisión Elétrica, S.A (ETESA) chose us to bring advanced severe weather warnings to South America for the first time. Our sensors, patented technology, and desktop tools help the government track severe weather and warn citizens.

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