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Earth Networks has a sophisticated hyperlocal network of 12,000+ climate and 1,200 lightning sensors across the US that interconnect to capture real-time weather data. This intelligence can be used to enhance instruction in the classroom and in addition, keep your school informed about approaching severe weather so you can scale your day-to-day operations and athletic programs accordingly.

  • Enhance STEM instruction and active learning in the classroom
  • Increase safety and preparedness around severe weather
  • Automate severe weather detection and alerting to maximize administrative and facility operations

Create a more compelling STEM curriculum

Get your own weather station (in your school's colors!) and integrate real-time local weather data into your curriculum to create a unique, tailored learning experience for your students

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Collaborate and learn about the weather at your school

Learn about weather on our web-based visualization dashboard. Analyze and manipulate layer upon layer of real-time weather information and severe weather alerts. Access local real-time weather data and our entire network of real-time data. Broadcast your own live view to teachers and students in other locations.

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Protect your outdoor areas from incoming storms

Keep your community safe. You set the parameters and the Outdoor Alerting System takes care of the rest. Designed to alert when lightning approaches a predefined radius around your school.

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Set up custom weather alerts

Automatically warn staff when weather could affect your school's outdoor activities. Notifications appear on your iOS and Android devices.

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