The 3 Steps to Manage Heat Stress with WBGT

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Real-time WBGT readings at your location

10-Minute WBGT averages

Historical WBGT values

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Automated location-based alerts for dangerous heat

Mass alert delivery via email, text and mobile app

Set custom thresholds for acclimatization periods with pre-configured alerts

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Make weather-safe decisions

Develop plans that follow regional guidelines

Report on historical WBGT values

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Heat stress is a major danger to those exerting themselves outdoors

Protect student athletes from dangerous heat conditions with a comprehensive heat stress management solution that includes:

  • Real-time and forecast WBGT data from an on-site  school weather station
  • Forecast WBGT data to help your athletic staff make safe decisions and change plans
  • Automatic email, text, and mobile alerts sent to athletic directors, trainers, coaches, and other staff

Help keep your entire community safe from extreme heat at your park or recreation facility with:

  • Hyperlocal WBGT data from your facility’s location
  • In-person display and online weather center so visitors can plan their activity accordingly
  • Customized mass alert distribution list for employees and third party groups

Safeguard your most important asset from dangerously hot working conditions with a WBGT solution with:

  • Receive push  notifications for custom WBGT alerts
  • Use WBGT forecasts to plan outdoor projects with heat stress management in mind
  • Access a live weather map to check out hyperlocal WBGT readings in work areas

Heat Stress: Protect your students with WBGT

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Regulations Heating Up

Protect Students with Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

States around the country are increasingly turning towards towards wet bulb globe temperature for their heat stress management policies because it better measures the impact heat has on a body than the heat index or temperature alone.

Heat-related illnesses and deaths continue to plague student athletes because of a lack of accurate WBGT readings, faulty handheld equipment, manual alerts, and human error. The lack of comprehensive monitoring, forecasting, and alerting systems leave vulnerabilities in heat policies.

Real-time WBGT readings, hyperlocal forecasts, and automated mass alerts from an on-site weather station ensure everyone is on the same page and following the best practices towards acclimatizing and protecting student athletes in dangerous environmental conditions.

With well-defined protocol and mass alerts, schools, districts, counties, and states are best equipped to plan and adjust athletic activities and safeguard their greatest assets: The students.


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