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Incorporate our advanced weather, lightning and greenhouse gas data into your high-level research or lesson plans to enrich, support and question your claims. Our capabilities allow researchers, professors and teachers to access weather data views relevant to their subjects and teach from weather events of the past.

  • Improve weather-related research with historical data
  • Map lightning trends and explore the value of in-cloud lightning information
  • Educate young minds with intuitive STEM modules and lesson plans

The best and brightest minds

We collaborate with leading universities and academic institutions on cutting-edge research — from studying lightning for earlier warnings to severe weather, to optimizing energy efficiency for homeowners based on the weather, to measuring atmospheric carbon levels.

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The world's best weather database

We operate the largest proprietary weather observation network with over 12,000 hyperlocal stations. Our real-time sensors collect data every 2 seconds vs. other networks that refresh every 15 minutes to 1 hour.

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