79% of insurers believe that data and analytics will have a significant impact on meeting the needs of P&C customers over the next few years. Nearly 50% of insurers have plans to utilize weather data as a key component of their analytics strategy. And while claims validation is the low-hanging fruit for applying weather data, it is simply scratching the surface. Weather data is changing how insurers approach the full life cycle of customers from product design to marketing to underwriting to account management as well as claims.

  • Develop market-specific product offers
  • Target marketing activities to lower-risk prospects
  • Optimize pricing based on localized weather patterns
  • Reduce claims by alerting policyholders of potentially damaging storms
  • Accelerate claims validation for severe weather events

Validate lightning and hail claims

We operate the largest lightning detection network in the world. A quick lookup into our historical lightning database can verify storm damage claims instantly. Get in touch so you can start verifying claims today.

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Track real-time road conditions

The RoadWX dataset delivers accurate estimates of road conditions for any road in the world, so you can provide road weather warnings for policy holders and field teams.

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Access street-level weather intelligence

Earth Networks operates a weather network of 12,000+ stations, strategically located in highly populated areas. Use our weather observations for understanding claim risk for any street in the US.

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Feed your telematic applications

Combine hyperlocal weather knowledge with driving behavior insights for crash forensics or developing more relevant and accurate prediction models.

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