White Paper: Free vs. Commercial-Grade Weather Data

It’s no secret the weather has a major impact on our daily lives. However, do you know how much of an impact it has on your business? As businesses become more analytically mature, they are uncovering the true impact high heat, hail, lightning and other severe weather has, and can use forecast data to predict the potential impact to sales and operations. With any analytical model, the quality of the underlying data drives the quality of the insights. That’s where we come in. Our weather data comes from the world’s largest proprietary network of professionally-managed weather and lightning sensors.

  • Hyperlocal weather observations enable insights tailored to specific locations
  • Real-time data streaming allows continuous monitoring of situations where timing of a weather event can have a major impact to operations or sales
  • Severe weather alerts and hourly forecasts as far as 6 days out provide the lead time needed to minimize the impact of weather events

Access historical data points

Develop and optimize your analytic models by understanding how weather has correlated with business operations in the past by location, time of the year, and type of weather.

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Use real-time data for machine learning

Satisfy your machine learning algorithm's need for data with a constant stream of forecasting, severe weather alerts, and weather conditions for any location in the world.

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Pull data when you need it

For trigger-based analytics, use our Pulse API to pull real-time conditions, hourly forecasts, and current alerts for any latitude and longitude in the country.

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Other Use Cases