Why A Subscription Service is the New Model for Severe Weather Protection

Sferic Protect is the best way to mitigate weather-related risk. We’ve rounded up the best of our products to create comprehensive risk mitigation packages to help you fight severe weather threats.

Sferic Protect is available in multiple configurations and includes:

Real-time storm tracking

Customized mobile alerts

Automated high-decibel outdoor audible alerts

Personal weather portal

Public weather display

Localized weather forecasts

Managed weather equipment

24/7 access to meteorologists for events

Personalize your own weather dashboard

Our web-based monitoring, visualization and alerting platform shows current weather conditions that are relevant to your operations in an easy to use interface—on your computer or mobile device.

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Customize alerts that matter for your organization

Set weather-triggered alerts so no one is left out in the rain. Customize alerts based on weather condition, location, and distance and receive them on multiple mobile devices.

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Activate audible automated alerts when lightning is near

Leverage the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system that is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection technology.

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Access our round-the-clock forecasting team

Have an event planned that is weather-dependent? Let our 24/7 meteorologists keep track of the situation and alert you to any risks. Coverage for up to two events per year are included in most Sferic Protect packages.

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Trust that your equipment is in good hands

Our knowledgeable field technicians are like walking, talking Earth Networks equipment encyclopedias. They're the ones in charge of installing and maintaining your new equipment as well as teaching you the in's and out's of your new tools.