AEM Announces Major Upgrade to the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®

Enhanced network enables organizations to pinpoint lightning activity with location accuracy under 100 meters.


Longmont, CO– January 24, 2022AEM today announced the highly anticipated update of the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® (ENTLN).  With significant enhancements to both location accuracy and lightning detection efficiency, the ENTLN now improves the ability for AEM customers to track real-time lightning and provide early warning for severe weather events that could threaten public safety and operational effectiveness.

The enhancements are driven through redesigns of the proprietary ENTLN algorithms and include:

  • Exceptional lightning location accuracy now under 100 meters.With enhanced accuracy, those in charge of keeping people and assets safe from severe weather have further precision to make confident decisions in moments that matter.
  • Detection efficiency over 95% regionally, with 30-50% more lightning detected worldwide. With increased detection efficiency, the ENTLN improves upon its industry leading reliability.
  • 90% cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning classification accuracy. For customers who make decisions based on the type of lightning, improved classification enhances the ability to track lightning events relevant to a specific situation.


Lightning data from ENTLN is now available in expanded data formats for seamless consumption into 3rd party applications to investigate weather events, verify strikes and analyze lightning induced damage. These new network capabilities are also accompanied by a redesigned lightning sensor allowing for easier deployments and maintenance in remote environments.

The new lightning offering is now integrated into AEM’s suite of decision support applications including:

  • Earth Networks Sferic Products – for safeguarding lives and assets from severe weather including lightning, high winds, and heavy precipitation, the Sferic product line provides over 120 map layers displaying current conditions and forecasting and enables custom alerts to be delivered via email, text, or via push notifications to a companion mobile app.
  • OneRain Contrail® – for flood risk management and warning, dam safety, and reservoir gate operations, Contrail delivers lightning information to ensure first responder safety and identify more vigorous convective storms that may exacerbate local flash flooding and high-water conditions.
  • FTS360 – for wildfire monitoring and mitigation, FTS360 integrates sensor and station, camera imagery, and video to provide complete situational awareness of current and potential wildfire events. The lightning data improves response time by providing early detection and verification of potential wildfire ignitions.


“With environmental risks escalating and increased impacts from severe weather events around the world, both the public and private sectors are growing increasingly dependent on real-time weather insights to drive their emergency action plans, keep people safe, and minimize downtime,” said Mark Miller, Chief Commercial Officer, AEM. “We are excited to bring these improvements to our industry-leading lightning detection network and ensure decision makers have access to the most trusted and reliable lightning data on the market.”

“As an early adopter of the new ENTLN, we have been impressed with the increased detection efficiency and location accuracy it has brought to the Australia Total Lightning Network (ATLN),” said Martin Palmer, Managing Director, WeatherZone. “Their data, along with our solutions and insights, provides our customers with the operational intelligence they need to make agile and confident decisions. Earth Networks enables us to provide a comprehensive solution to organisations and businesses across Australia.”

Operating over 1,800 sensors across 100 countries, the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network is the most advanced global lightning network in the world. Its ability to comprehensively monitor both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning enables the creation of faster severe weather alerts, lightning-derived radar alternatives and real-time storm visualization.

The new lightning network capabilities, as well as AEM’s broader set of environmental risk solutions, are on display at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) 102nd Annual Meeting from now until January 27, 2022. To learn more visit AEM at

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