New Sferic Siren Features: A Product Update

Earth Networks Introduces New Sferic Siren Features

We are excited to announce that Earth Networks’ Sferic Siren, the automated outdoor alerting system for lightning, has been newly updated with Remote Test and Manual Alert features. These new features were developed in direct response to feedback from Sferic Siren customers, and require no extra steps or costs. With these enhancements, Sferic Siren customers can unlock newfound flexibility for their outdoor lightning warning system, with remote testing and triggering of active alerts from any web-enabled device.

Sferic Siren is a one of a kind lightning alerting system that is exceptionally useful for severe weather safety at outdoor facilities. How does Sferic Siren work? When lightning and severe storms come near your location, the system sounds a loud horn and activates a flashing strobe light, indicating it is unsafe to be outdoors. With Sferic Siren, outdoor facilities have access to the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system that is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection technology.

New Features Included in Sferic Siren: Remote Test and Manual Alert

In the following product overview, learn more about how you can instantly alert everyone outdoors to seek shelter when lightning is detected nearby with Sferic Siren. Powered by the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®, the Sferic Siren uses advanced lightning detection technology to automatically issue mass notification alerts across multiple channels.

With the new Remote Test feature for Sferic Siren, users can easily test the siren, strobe, and email alert functionality on one or multiple systems from any web-enabled device without needing to go out into the field.

With the Manual Alert feature, users can now activate one or multiple Sferic Siren devices to communicate the presence of a threat not automatically detected by the ENTLN. This new feature greatly expands the alerting capability beyond lightning for these devices.

  • Remotely test functionality of one or multiple devices to ensure your visitors will be alerted and stay safe when lightning and severe weather is nearby
  • Send test email notifications to verify personnel receive alerts and know to seek shelter when severe weather threatens
  • Activate one or multiple devices to communicate the presence of any threat not automatically detected by the ENTLN 
  • Place one or multiple devices under alert, extend alert duration, or place them into all-clear

Keep your outdoor operations safe

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