Many situations require a constant flow of real-time data to populate dynamic applications or drive complex analytical models. APIs can be costly to access on a frequent basis for multiple locations. Our Sferic Data Stream solves this problem. For entities requiring high-volume weather observations, forecasts, and storm alerts, the Sferic Data Stream pushes data via FTP or to S3 accounts as often as every 5 minutes.

  • Stay up to date with weather situations with data updated at configurable time periods
  • Tune your applications and models to monitor severe weather alerts happening all across the world

Sit back and let the data come to you

Delivers real-time information for you to keep your pulse on weather conditions, forecast changes, and new severe weather situations for any location around the world.

Help your machines learn

Use the fire hose of data to train your machine and deep learning algorithms to better model and predict how weather affects outcomes across a range of industries.

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