Protecting students is just one of the many jobs school administrators and faculty have. Whether they are in the classroom, changing buildings, or on the playing field, student safety is the responsibility of faculty and administration. Therefore, you can’t take any chances when it comes to severe weather.

Keeping students, faculty, and visitors safe from thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other dangerous weather conditions is easy with a complete safety solution from Earth Networks. We provide a suite of severe weather intelligence products and services to ensure that your day-to-day operations and athletic programs are safe, and that you’re following any school weather safety policies. This intelligence can also be used to enhance STEM instruction in the classroom.

  • Increase safety and preparedness around severe weather
  • Automate severe weather detection and alerting to maximize administrative and faculty operations
  • Enhance STEM instruction and active learning in the classroom

Automate Lightning Monitoring & Outdoor Alerting

Keep your students and community safe. You set the parameters and the Sferic Siren takes care of the rest. Designed to alert when lightning approaches a pre-defined radius around your school, the Sferic Siren keeps student athletes, faculty, and visitors safe from dangerous weather conditions.

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Manage Heat Stress Effectively

Our weather stations now come with wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) monitoring and alerting features so you can manage the amount of heat stress your students endure. Learn more about WBGT and how to use it.

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Build A Weather Safety Policy

Be prepared for anything. Every school and district should have a comprehensive weather safety policy to ensure student, staff, and community safety. Start building your policy or see how yours stacks up with this step-by-step guide.

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Weather Station

Make better weather-related safety decisions with data right from your own campus. Installing an Earth Networks weather station is the best way to get the most accurate, real-time weather data for your exact location.

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Enhance STEM Learning

Get your students involved with STEM by teaching them about the weather right outside your classroom door. We've teamed up with the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program to help you get your students involved.

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