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Weather Network


Earth Networks and our WeatherBug brand operate the world’s largest weather network. This network includes thousands of neighborhood-level sensors at schools, stadiums and businesses, in addition to other weather sources, including the National Weather Service and World Meteorological Organization, to deliver accurate weather information directly to users around the world via mobile phones, tablets, desktop pcs and to our broadcast partner network. We process billions of weather observations every day, and over 85 billion every month.

Our extensive weather network -- in conjunction with proprietary forecasting algorithms and technology -- provide the most current conditions, refreshed every few minutes, from more than 2.6 million locations worldwide. Earth Networks Weather Stations record more than 20 weather variables and provide updated weather information to the network every few seconds.



  • real-time weather conditions from 10,000 proprietary weather stations
  • Weather from thousands of stations operated by the NWS and WMO.
  • Real-time pinpoint forecasts for 2.6 million locations worldwide.
Sensors are part of the largest network for detecting cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning -- a common precursor to severe weather.


Our weather cameras deliver live views and timelapse sequences from cities, parks, stadiums and other sites across the U.S.

Weather stations measure key atmospheric conditions - including temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and other variables.