Mark Paquette


Mark Paquette is a meteorologist who joined AEM/Earth Networks in June of 2023. Mark had previously worked at AccuWeather from 2008 through 2015. In 2015, he started his own weather consulting company involving the intersection of weather and legal sports betting/daily fantasy sports.

Mark has a special interest in seasonal forecasting. A 1996 UMass-Lowell alum, Mark is a New Englander at heart even though he has lived in central Pennsylvania since 2008. A proud father of 4 boys (2 biological who are grown and live in Massachusetts, a stepson who is in college in Pennsylvania and an adopted teenager), Mark is happily married to his wife of over 10 years, loves the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots and has an interesting hobby as an amateur herpetologist – he enjoys observing/photographing snakes in the wild and raising captive-bred snakes as pets.