Get people out of harm's way quickly with the world's best lightning warning system

Red icon of lightning cloud with a magnifying glass honing in on the lightning strike

Total Lightning Detection

Integrated cloud-to-ground and in-cloud detection

Minimizes false alarm rates

Lightning network maximizes reliability

Red icon of a outdoor warning siren going off with soundwaves

360 Audio & Visual Signals

High-decibel horn (110 dBA) outdoor warning siren

170,000 peak candela strobe light

Lightning alarm system sites equipped with built-in battery backup

Red icon of a stopwatch to represent the outdoor mass notification system countdown clock

All-Clear Countdown

Countdown clock to resume operations

Display to employees, patrons, and customers

Automatically resets when lightning is recorded

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Outdoor facilities now have access to the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system that is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection technology.


Don't forget about these additional features

As part of the Sferic Siren, you get access to Sferic Maps which includes:

  • Real-time storm information and weather detection
  • 70+ map layers including radar, lightning, and forecasts
  • Access to Sferic Mobile for on-the-go storm tracking
Image of Sferic Maps real-time weather map with weather detection alerts on display

Even if you aren’t actively monitoring the weather, our alerts will proactively notify you:

  • Alerts via email, text message or mobile push notifications
  • Send alerts to a custom distribution list
  • Customize alerts by type of weather condition
  • Manually trigger alerts for threats not automatically detected by the ENTLN
Lightning warning system alerts on Sferic Mobile weather tracking application
  • Configure lightning strike alert radius
  • Set silence times by day
  • Configure multiple locations separately
  • Remotely test your systems from any web-enabled device

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Logo for the Maryland Soccerplex

Case study

Maryland Soccerplex relies on lightning and severe weather alerting system to keep athletes safe

The Maryland SoccerPlex in Boyds, MD is one of nation’s premier soccer facilities. Located within the South Germantown Recreational Park in the suburbs of Washington, DC, the 160-acre complex includes the 64,000 square-foot indoor Discovery Sports Center, 22 immaculately groomed outdoor soccer fields, a championship outdoor stadium with seating for more than 3,000, and three lighted, synthetic turf fields.

Due to the size of the complex and limited staff, going field to field was no longer a safe and efficient method for operations to notify officials, players and parents of impending severe weather.

A trusted lightning detection and severe weather notification system made up of a comprehensive suite of weather sensors and tools designed to detect severe weather, alert visitors when severe weather is imminent and allow operations staff to prepare field conditions before and after the storm.

When Hurricane Irene threatened the fields just a few weeks after installation, the new horns sounded and alerted visitors of incoming danger. As the storms moved through the area, staff used custom views in their weather visualization tool to monitor approaching lightning and storm cells. Automatic alerts to mobile devices helped staff clear the area, cancel the games, and keep everyone safe.


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