Taking the Pulse of the Planet®
We monitor and analyze the atmosphere with the world's largest real-time weather and lightning detection networks — so millions can Know Before™

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From neighborhood-level weather to total lightning to HD cameras to greenhouse gas data, we're Taking the Pulse of the Planet®

Tracking Lightning in Severe Storms
Our network tracks total lightning within thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes — providing earlier warnings and insight into how storms form and intensify.

When Minutes Matter
Millions Know Before by relying on our WeatherBug® apps and website for the fastest alerts and real-time neighborhood-level weather.

Enterprise Weather Data and Services
Utilities, emergency responders, transportation officials, government agencies and others rely on us to Know Before severe weather strikes.


We are honored to receive the Award for Outstanding Services to Meteorology by a Corporation" from the American Meteorological Society! Read our news and blog post.

We're tracking weather and lightning to help millions Know Before severe weather strikes! Watch our video:


Featured Real-Time Global Networks

Guinea Guinea, Africa Early Warning System Demonstration Project
Weather and Total Lightning sensors deployed in Guinea enable proxy radar, Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, and real-time observations for nowcasting and forecasting.
Brazil Bringing Faster Lightning-based Alerts to Brazil
Earth Networks and INPE have deployed a dense network of total lightning sensors throughout Brazil
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National Weather Service
Earth Networks is proud to partner with NOAA's National Weather Service in building a Weather-Ready Nation.