Clayton Fain

Meteorologist, Field operations manager

Joining the company in 2006, Clayton Fain is currently a meteorologist and field operations manager at Earth Networks. In this position, he helps ensure 10,000+ Weather Stations are professionally installed and maintained in top working condition.

Prior to joining the company, Fain was a quality assurance assistant and field technician at the Oklahoma Mesonet. In this role, he performed QA on sensor data from a network of over 100 rural weather observations stations. He also performed general maintenance and replaced sensors onsite.

Originally from Alabama, Clayton was fascinated by weather and severe storms since he was a young child, and knew early on he wanted to make a career out of meteorology.

Clayton has a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from The University of Oklahoma, with a minor in broadcast journalism. He enjoys many outdoor activities, including running races with his wife, and attending college football games.