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Hyperlocal weather data in action

Built to withstand and measure all kinds of threats, our weather station quietly records crucial information about the environment and turns it into the most useful data around–yours.
Requiring little maintenance, your weather station is fully automated with components that interface seamlessly with our tools and applications.Whether you’re monitoring heat and humidity levels or ice cold temperatures to protect people outdoors, measuring rainfall to determine how to treat agriculture, or monitoring neighborhood-level weather conditions for public safety, access to real-time, local weather intelligence is critical.

  • Prepare for severe weather
  • Protect people and property
  • Automate and streamline operations

Know what's coming and plan for it

Analyze 25+ key atmospheric conditions including temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and more from our automatic weather station network.

Build a safer school, business, and community

Professional-grade, commercial weather stations built to withstand all kinds of weather installed on the rooftop of your organization bring you live, hyperlocal data that is vital for safety and planning.

Display your current weather conditions

The Online Weather Center is an included web-based visualization tool integrated into your website that provides live weather conditions and images captured directly from your weather station.

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A vast network of networks

Join the world’s largest weather network of 12,000 neighborhood-level sensors. In addition, our network of networks approach integrates information from the National Weather Service and World Meteorological Organization giving you the most comprehensive weather intelligence at your finger tips.

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Know how hot it really is with WBGT

Still using temperature or heat index to know what it really feels like outside? The only measurement that accurately measures heat stress on the body is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, and our weather stations measure live and forecast conditions.

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