We partner with National Grid on a wide range of projects to increase and maintain grid health and stability, boost customer engagement, and help keep communities safer.


  • Integration of smart devices
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved Storm Monitoring

Connected solutions: Innovative energy platform

Leveraging Earth Networks’ WeatherBug Home® technology (now known as Connected Savings), launched the ConnectedSolutions platform to let customers connect and manage smart devices and appliances for their home or business.

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Intelligent Energy Consumption

Conveniently reduce energy use in the summer, when energy demand is high, and reduce energy use during periods of peak demand (reducing regional energy costs), protect the environment by lowering emissions, and support state and local energy initiatives.

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Improve Storm Monitoring

We have been deploying weather sensors at schools and making weather more hands-on for K-12 students and today our network includes sensors at thousands of schools, public buildings, parks and other sites around the US that provide real-time weather data 24/7.

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​Partnership in Action