Severe weather is the leading cause of electric power outages causing widespread damage to distribution systems and, in extreme weather events, can cause catastrophic damage to transmission systems. Real-time localized data from Earth Networks is the missing piece in outage forecast modeling. We provide advanced weather intelligence so utility companies can efficiently mobilize resources to reduce restoration time, while communicating more accurately with affected customers.

  • Build more accurate outage models with live weather data
  • Identify the time and location of outages more precisely
  • Enhance preparation and faster recovery to lower outage costs
  • Optimize preparation and recovery plans
  • Deploy field crew to areas with potential outages

Configure custom alerts for specific locations

Our alerting platform puts you in control of what, when, and how you get alerts for weather that could impact your grid. Easy to configure and notifications are pushed to your mobile device.

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Leverage collaboration tools in real-time

We know you rely on a cross-functional team to plan and respond to issues with the grid. Get everyone on the same page by sharing your weather dashboard with remote teams in real-time.

Identify correlations with weather

Hit our historical weather database to get the data you need to identify correlations hidden between weather and equipment failures. Available via API or bulk delivery.

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