2022 Seasonal Outlooks

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The 2022 Hurricane and Summer seasons are around the corner, and the Earth Networks’ Meteorological Team will be predicting the forecasts! Curious as to what this year’s Atlantic Hurricane and summer season will look and feel like? Earth Networks’ team of meteorologists has prepared all of the information you need for this summer and hurricane seasons forecasts.

Atlantic Hurricane Outlook Webinar

Wednesday, May 11, 11:00-11:30 AM ET

Last year was another incredibly active hurricane season featuring 21 named storms, 8 of which directly struck the U.S. coastline. It’s spring, and time to take a look at recent climatological trends and our state-of-the-art machine learning model to uncover what to expect for the upcoming tropical season.

Join our Earth Networks Meteorology team Wednesday, May 11 for our Atlantic Hurricane Outlook Webinar, our free annual weather forecast of what to expect this hurricane season.

Forecast Highlights include:

  • How severe could this hurricane season be?
  • How many named storms can we expect this season?
  • Which factors will influence the formation of hurricanes?

Summer, Wildfire, and Drought Outlook Webinar

Thursday, May 19, 2:00-2:30PM ET

Flash floods, wildfires, drought – whether you belong to an organization in aviation, utilities, recreation, or agriculture, among others, or you’re simply traveling or making vacation plans – understanding your risk of and preparing for these severe weather events is critical to having a smooth summer season.Join our Earth Networks Meteorology team Thursday, May 19 for our Summer, Wildfire, and Drought Outlook Webinar, our free annual summer season forecast.

Forecast Highlights include:

  • Will the long-standing drought in the Western U.S. and Canadian Plains get worse or ease up?
  • Could parts of the East see an increase in flash flooding events?
  • Will firefighters be in for an exhausting wildfire season in the U.S. and Canada?

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