Afternoon Storms in Northern Guinea Make Steady Progress West

  • Oct 07, 2013

07 October 2013, 15:45 UTC – Late this afternoon, numerous thunderstorms developed across the Moyenne Guinea with some strong storms being detected by proxy radar.


Our total lightning detection system tracked the cells as they moved slowly WNW.


The PulseRad system calculated that 25-50mm of rainfall accumulated in the heaviest storms due to the slow movement of the storm cells. The rain fell in about 60-90 minutes.


The image below shows the automated alerts issued for Dangerous Thunderstorm Warnings due to the frequent lightning detected and subsequent heavy downpours and gusty winds.


The storm moved WNW toward the coast and into Guinee-Bissau by 9 p.m. local time.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Storms in Northern Guinea Make Steady Progress West”

  1. Dans la prefecture de Koundara 4 personnes ont ete tuees par la foudre entre 20H et 21H le 7 octobre, rapporte le chef de la station meteo de Koundara Mr Felix.
    Le Directeur National de la Meteo Guinee.

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