Athletic Management Awards Sferic Maps with Gold

  • Jun 02, 2017

Athletic Management Excellent in Innovation Awards

Athletic Management released their list of winners and finalists for their 2017 Excellence in Innovation Awards. The awards consist of seven different categories:

  1. Indoor Facility Components
  2. Outdoor Facility Components
  3. Surfaces
  4. Strength & Athlete Performance
  5. Team Equipment
  6. Technology
  7. Promotion/Sponsorship/Fundraising

Earth Networks received awards in both the Outdoor Facility Components category and the Technology category. The first award is Gold for Technology. The second award is Bronze for Outdoor Facility Components.

To view the full results of this year’s award winners, visit Athletic Management’s website.

Sferic Maps: Gold Technology Winner

Athletic Management awarded Earth Networks innovative Sferic Maps tool with the Excellence in Innovation gold award. Sferic combines the best of Earth Networks patented weather and lightning software with powerful data representation, visualization, and mobile alerting capabilities. This new and powerful tool made it’s debut earlier in 2017.

One of the key features that make Sferic a winner is that it’s easy to use. The intuitive and collaborative system comes with an engaged onboarding process. Once users sign up, they find the onboarding process simple, which is often hard to find when it comes to technology. Sferic also excels with including terms and phrases that are easy to understand. When it comes to meteorological technology, a lot of other tools insist on using scientific words. Sferic works for real people looking to protect their visitors from severe weather.

It’s easy to lock down campuses and spread critical safety information quickly from different locations.

“Our Earth Networks data is a constant main-stay in our dispatch center as well as our Security Service Desk. Our main dispatcher uses this data to ensure that the High Point University campus is safe – our most common concern is lightning. When lightning is detected within 8 miles, we automatically lock down our campus pools and clear out athletic fields. The web-visualization application enables University emergency management to best track the potential direction of storms. We’ve been very happy with the products and our campus community thanks you for keeping us safe.” Gus Porter, High Point University

To learn more about the Athletic Management Technology Gold winner, Sferic Maps, and get a free trial, please visit: or view our data sheet.

Outdoor Alerting System: Bronze Outdoor Facility Components Winner

The Earth Networks Outdoor Alerting System is one of the most comprehensive weather alert systems available to athletic managers today.

When severe weather approaches, every second is critical. Everyone knows lightning is dangerous, but not everyone knows that most lightning is in-cloud. This means that it’s not always visible. The Outdoor Alerting System hooks up to Earth Networks first-of-its-kind total lightning detection system which provides automatic alerts to both cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning strikes.

The video below shows the Bronze winner in action at Oklahoma State University.

The Outdoor Alerting System isn’t just a great fit for schools and universities. It’s effective for all different types of outdoor venues. The team at the Maryland SoccerPlex relies on Earth Networks to keep visitors safe when severe weather forms.

“Safety is everything. We aim to reduce injuries and create a positive experience for our visitors by providing the safest possible environment,” says Trish Heffelfinger, Executive Director of the Maryland SoccerPlex.