Cambodia Lightning Strikes Kill Three, Injure Four in Early April

Over 400 lightning strikes battered the western regions of Cambodia, killing one in Pailin Province and another in Battambang province on 2 April 2016. The storm damaged over 70 homes.


The Cambodia Daily reported that searing temperatures and the approach of the wet season are to blame for the nation’s first big lightning storm of the season. The below video powered by Earth Networks Total Lighting shows the path of the storm during the afternoon and evening hours.

9 April 2016: A week later, lightning killed a teenage girl and injured four others in Pursat province’s Veal Veng district during the evening hours. The victim was watching television with her family at her home in Kropeu Pi commune’s Krasang Pnov village when she was killed by the lightning strike, which was part of a rain system moving across the region.

lightning pursat

The lightning caused moderate to severe burns on four of the victim’s family members who were sent for treatment to the district health care center.

lightning strikes phnom
Photo: Hong Menea

Cambodia is one of the most dangerous lightning countries in the world. In 2015, lightning-related deaths rose 42.6 percent while over 107 died and another 77 were injured. This year’s numbers are expected to be worse considering high ocean temperatures due to El Nino. The government in Cambodia is already beginning to urge people to be aware of oncoming storms in anticipation of the wet season.