Deadly Tornado Rips through Greece

  • Oct 27, 2015

A powerful storm swept through the southern tip of continental Greece bringing heavy rains, one fatal tornado, and a barrage of lightning in numbers that are rarely reached on 21 September 2015.

The storm pelted the Peloponnese regions of Asprochoma, Kalamata and Skala from 7am local time until around 12pm local time. The storm left two dead in its wake; both believed to lightning strike victims.

Tornado Destruction

A funnel cloud that tore through Skala in Laconia around 8am local time. The tornado also caused serious damage in Asprochoma, Kalamata.

The tornado destroyed homes and stores, uprooted trees, and flipped over cars. The strong winds and flying debris injured 5 people in the area. The region also experienced hail the size of golf balls. It is estimated that over 100 businesses sustained damage.

Lightning Timeline

Our total lightning network detected a lot of in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. In the images below, the yellow strikes show cloud-to-ground pulses while the magenta strikes show in-cloud strikes.

greece 7-8 lightning totals
greece 8-9 lightning totals
greece 9-10 lightning totals
GReece 10-11 lightning totals
Greece 11-12 lihtning totals

In just 5 hours, our ENcast satellite and lightning detection system recorded unprecedented amounts of total lightning moving eastward across the region. The above photos are a time-line of the storm.


Lightning Analysis

The first lightning victim was found in the Skala, the same town in which the tornado hit. He was reportedly hit by lightning while trying to help his flock of sheep seek shelter during the intense storm.


The second lightning victim was a 73 year-old woman found on the island of Salamina.


greece pulserad

The storm also brought large amounts of rain. The above image from our PulseRad display shows the heavy blanket of precipitation that covered the southern part of Greece. These weather images were generated four times faster than traditional radar.

The effect of the above precipitation was particularly heavy in the towns of Patras and Preveza. Rains soaked Patras; flooding basements and blocking traffic. Historic sites in Preveza were under water after the flood waters reached half a meter in some places.