Dense Lightning Activity in Cambodia Kills 1, Injuries 4 Others

  • Oct 21, 2015

Strong thunderstorms with heavy rain and lightning activity moved through west Cambodia.

During these storms, lightning struck five  civilians in the district of Kamrieng. The violent storm system started up the west coast of Cambodia in the early morning hours of 27 September 2015 and remained in the area until that evening.

Lightning Strike Victims

Even with this high level of lightning activity and torrential rains, many charcoal workers refused to seek shelter.

One of the workers died instantly from the strike. Another four workers fell unconscious from the blast. Out of the four survivors, only two sought medical attention at a nearby commune health center.


Earth Networks Lightning Analysis

Our ENcast satellite forecasting system detected dense pockets of both cloud-to-ground (yellow) and in-cloud (purple) lightning strikes across the region during the time of the storm.

ENcast has been recognized as the leading cloud based forecasting tool that leverages hyper-local data and ingested data from the top performing models.  The above image shows the density of total lightning in the district of Kamrieng and other affected areas to the east.


Our forecasting system also showed this cloud-to-ground lightning strike, captured at the same time a strike hit a group of 5 workers loading a truck in Kamrieng.